Today is the first day after Child Abuse Awareness month! We completed our 30/30 Blog Posts!

The Humanity Preservation wishes to thank everyone that contributed through this entire process of the blogs, campaigns, and support.  Whether you commented, like or did the ultimate shared – you helped spread the word – and cheered us on!  A special thank you to;

  • Daniel Read from the “Read Organization” 
  • Lexi Musick
  • Forked River Rotary
  • Barnegat Rotary
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Our Board Members and Volunteers from the Humanity Preservation Foundation

NOW – the real work begins!!!!!  It’s great to have awareness but it takes actions to make change happen!  It takes support! It takes funding!  And it takes YOU!  It takes you to donate and it takes you to help us spread the word.  If you would like to have us come into your place of business, office, or club to make a presentation please contact us and we will set it up!  If you would like to donate today click on the link provided!

Remember – somewhere out there is a child that is praying, hoping & wishing that the abuse will just stop and it can – we just have to take action!!!!! Let’s not let it continue!