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We Are A Team Of Passionate Volunteers Who Want To Help Make A Difference

How You Can Get Involved at Humanity Preservation Foundation

There are several ways you can get involved with Humanity Preservation Foundation and help support our mission to end child and adult abuse.  You can be a volunteer with our organization as we provide awareness campaigns and support to victims of abuse.  You could be a HPF Ambassador and help spread our message across the 50 states and most importantly you contribute to our organization and make a donation help support us and the victims of abuse and help them recover from those traumatic events.

Become a HPF Volunteer

Volunteer with HPF

At HPF, we are fortunate to consist of a team entirely made up of volunteers from across the country to help our organization and the victims of abuse.

Join Our HPF Ambassador Program

Become A HPF Ambassador

HPF is an organization focused on preventing forms of interpersonal violence such as bullying, domestic violence, and child abuse through education and awareness initiatives.

Donate to Humanity Preservation Foundation

Support HPF

When you donate to HPF you not only supporting our organization and programs but you are helping support abuse victims as they slowly recover with the support of abuse advocates and therapy programs.