HPF Firsty Award

HPF Firsty Award

About the HPF Firsty Award

The Humanity Preservation Foundation Firsty Award is an award given those who have achieved a “first” for our organization.  By achieving this first it helps move our organization in a forward direction – advancing it in the direction towards the vision that was intended!  With no set list the items can range from a “like” on Facebook, an external fundraiser or a type of donation! How one earns a “Firsty” is to get involved and support our efforts, mission, and goals to provide hope in the darkest of circumstances! You could be our next recipient!

Origins Of the Firsty Award

Once upon a time in an apartment in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, two guys got together to create what would become this foundation that would support children that had been abused, bullied and/or victims of domestic violence. Along the way within the development of a logo, web site, frequently asked questions, and so on, there were milestones that became known as a “Firsty”. It literally became part of the language as they would go about building what is now known as the Humanity Preservation Foundation!

Meet Our HPF First Award Winners

Meet the individuals or groups who have achieve a “First” for our organization.

HPF Firsty Award Individual Winners

Steve Sailor
Steve SailorFiling the First 990 Tax form
Zachary Weintraut
Zachary WeintrautFirst External Fundraiser
Morgan Ridgway
Morgan RidgwayPresentation at Barnegat High School
Mallory Hanson
Mallory HansonSocial Media: 2000 Views

HPF Firsty Award Group Winners

Rotary Club of Barnegat
Rotary Club of BarnegatFirst Organization to Raise Funds for HPF