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Why Volunteer with HPF?

At HPF, we are fortunate to consist of a team entirely made up of volunteers from across the country to help our organization and the victims of abuse.  We allow our team members to either showcase a specific tool that they are proficient in or add another piece to their toolkit. Our volunteers are the only reason we are able to make a difference in so many peoples lives.

Whether you would like to come on for a long term position, a short term project or in a role that allows you dedicate time as you see fit – we have an opportunity for everyone. When you join the HPF family, we ask that you do one important thing, and that is grow an orange heart. Your orange heart is what will help humanity reach its full potential and we want you to share it with everyone.

As a volunteer with HPF, you are helping eradicate abuse for everyone and making the world a slightly better place. Find out about the current opportunities that we have by filling out a form today.

HPF Mission Statement

We at the Humanity Preservation Foundation (HPF) are dedicated and committed to the prevention and education of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Bullying.  So that those that have been victimized can heal and those that have not can be protected and receive support on their road to recovery.

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