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‘Raising Awareness, Educating Others & Supporting Victim Recovery from Abuse” 

Humanity Preservation Foundation Mission Statement

We at the Humanity Preservation Foundation are dedicated and committed to the prevention and education of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Bullying.  So that those that have been victimized can heal and those that have not can be protected.

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Every dollar you donate to our organization helps educate and bring awareness to community schools, businesses and organizations and help us end child/domestic.sexual abuse.  As well as provide support and services to victims of abuse and help them recover from those traumatic events and reenter society.

Humanity Preservation Foundation Impact

K-12 Students know how prevent bullying, child abuse and importance of self-value
Medical students who have attended one of our impact of sexual violence presentation.
Abuse Victims HPF has Advocated for and helped them on the road to recovery.

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Trust me     No amount of words will ever express my utter disgust at that fact that you’re still alive, At the fact that you still breathe. If I had one chance to do [...]

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Hands Off!!

April 30th, 2018|0 Comments

I was abused by a priest beginning at age 5. Raped and impregnated by same priest while still in elementary school. Miscarried. Lost the baby, my innocence and my childhood. Endured several surgical procedures while [...]

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I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest. I had a very traumatic childhood. I was born hearing impaired. Had 10 surgeries from 6-10 on my ears. Raped at 7 by a 17 yr [...]

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