HPF Pulse Project Master List

This is the HPF Pulse Project Master List of all the organizations and state agencies that work with victims of domestic, child abuse and bullying both in person and online.

StateCategoryWebsitePhone Number
AlabamaBullyingDepartment of Education(334) 242-9700
AlabamaChild AbuseAlabama Dept. of Human Resources(334) 242-9500
AlabamaDomesticAlabama Coalition to End Domestic Violence(800) 650-6522
AlaskaBullyingDepartment of Education(907) 465-2800
AlaskaChild AbuseAlaska Dept. Health & Social Services(800) 478-4444
AlaskaDomesticAlaska Network to End Domestic Violence(907) 586-3650
ArizonaBullyingDepartment of Education(602)-542-5393
ArizonaChild AbuseArizona Dept. of Child Safety(888) 767-2445
ArizonaDomesticArizona Coalition to End Domestic Violence(602) 279-2900
ArkansasBullyingDepartment of Education(501)-682-4475
ArkansasChild AbuseArkansas Dept. of Human Services(800) 482-5964
ArkansasDomesticArkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence(501) 907-5612
CaliforniaBullyingDepartment of Education(916)-319-0800
CaliforniaChild AbuseChild Abuse Prevention Services(800) 952-5253
CaliforniaDomesticCalifornia Partnership to End Domestic Violence(805) 983-6014
ColoradoBullyingDepartment of Education(303)-866-6600
ColoradoChild AbuseColorado Dept. of Human Services (844) 264-5437
ColoradoDomesticColorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence(303) 831-9632
ConnecticutBullyingDepartment of Education(860)-713-6543
ConnecticutChild AbuseConnecticut Dept. of Children & Families(800) 842-2288
ConnecticutDomesticConnecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence(888) 774-2900
DelawareBullyingDepartment of Education(302)-735-4000
DelawareChild AbuseDepartment for Children, Youth and their Families(800) 292-9582
DelawareDomesticDelaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence(302) 658-2958
FloridaBullyingDepartment of Education(850)-245-0505
FloridaChild AbuseDepartment of Children & Families(800) 962-2873
FloridaDomesticFlorida Coalition Against Domestic Violence(800) 500-1119
GeorgiaBullyingDepartment of Education(404) 656-2800
GeorgiaChild AbuseDivision of Family & Children Services(855) 422-4453
GeorgiaDomesticGeorgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence(800) 334-2836
HawaiiBullying Hawaii Dept. of Education(808)-586-3230
HawaiiChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(808) 832-5300
HawaiiDomesticHawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence(808) 832-9316
IdahoBullyingDepartment of Education(208) 332-6800
IdahoChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Welfare(855) 552-5437
IdahoDomesticIdaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence(208) 384-0419
IllinoisBullyingDepartment of Education(866)-262-6663
IllinoisChild AbuseDepartment of Children and Family Services(800) 252-2873
IllinoisDomesticIllinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence(217) 789-2830
IndianaBullyingDepartment of Education(317) 232-6610
IndianaChild AbuseDepartment of Child Services(800) 800-5556
IndianaDomesticIndiana Coaliton Against Domestic Violence(800) 538-3393
IowaBullyingDepartment of Education(515)-281-5294
IowaChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(800) 362-2178
IowaDomesticIowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence(800) 770-1650
KansasBullyingDepartment of Education(785)-296-3203
KansasChild AbuseDepartment for Children and Families (800) 992-5330
KansasDomesticKansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence(785) 232-9784
KentuckyBullyingDepartment of Education(502) 564-4770
KentuckyChild AbuseCabinet for Health & family Services(800) 752-6200
KentuckyDomesticKentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence(502) 209-5382
LouisianaBullyingDepartment of Education(877).453.2721
LouisianaChild AbuseDepartment of Children & Family Services(855) 452-5437
LouisianaDomesticLouisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence(225) 752-1296
MaineBullyingDepartment of Education(207) 624-6600
MaineChild AbuseDepartment of Child & Family Services(800) 452-1999
MaineDomesticMaine Coalition to End Domestic Violence1-866-83-4HELP
MarylandBullyingDepartment of Education(410)-767-0100
MarylandChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(410) 853-3000
MarylandDomesticMaryland Network Against Domestic Violence(301) 429-3601
MassachusettsBullying Department of Education(781) 338-3000
MassachusettsChild AbuseDepartment of Children & Families(800) 792-5200
MassachusettsDomesticNational Network to End Domestic Violence(617) 248-0922
MichiganBullyingDepartment of Education(517)-373-3324
MichiganChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Human Services(855) 444-3911
MichiganDomesticMichigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence(517) 347-7000
MinnesotaBullyingDepartment of Education(651)-582-8200
MinnesotaChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(651) 431-4661
MinnesotaDomesticMinnesota Coalition for Battered Women(651) 646-6177
MississippiBullyingDepartment of Education(601) 359-5743
MississippiChild AbuseDepartment of Health(800) 222-8000
MississippiDomesticMississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence(601) 981-9196
MissouriBullyingDepartment of Education(573)-751-4212
MissouriChild AbuseChild Safe(800) 392-3738
MissouriDomesticMissouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence(573) 634-4161
MontanaBullyingDepartment of Education(888)-231-9393
MontanaChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Human Services(866) 820-5437
MontanaDomesticMontana Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence(888) 404-7794
NebraskaBullyingDepartment of Education(402)-471-2295
NebraskaChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Human Services(800) 652-1999
NebraskaDomesticNebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition(402) 476-6256
NevadaBullyingDepartment of EducationCarson
Las Vegas
NevadaChild AbuseCrisis Call Center(702) 399-0081
NevadaDomesticNevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence(775) 828-1115
New HampshireBullyingDepartment of Education(603) 271-3494
New HampshireChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Human Services(800) 894-5533
New HampshireDomesticNew Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence(603) 224-8893
New JerseyBullyingDepartment of Education(609) 376-3500
New JerseyChild AbuseDepartment of Children & Families(877) 652-2873
New JerseyDomesticNew Jersey Coalition to End Domestic Violence(609) 584-8107
New MexicoBullyingDepartment of Education505-827-5800
New MexicoChild AbusePull Together(855) 333-7233
New MexicoDomesticNew Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence(505) 246-9240
New YorkBullyingDepartment of Education(212) 639-9675
New YorkChild AbuseOffice of Children and Family Services(800) 342-3720
New YorkDomesticNew York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence(518) 482-5465
North CarolinaBullyingDepartment of Education(919)-733-4276
North CarolinaChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Human Services(919) 527-6335
North CarolinaDomesticNorth Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence(919) 956-9124
North DakotaBullyingDepartment of Education(701)-328-2260
North DakotaChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(701) 328-2310
North DakotaDomesticCAWS North Dakota(701) 255-6240
OhioBullyingDepartment of Education(877)-644-6338
OhioChild AbuseDepartment of Job & Family Services (855) 642-4453
OhioDomesticOhio Domestic Violence Network(800) 934-9840
OklahomaBullyingDepartment of Education(405) 521-3301
OklahomaChild AbuseFamily Support & Prevention Service(800) 522-3511
OklahomaDomesticOklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault(405) 524-0700
OregonBullyingDepartment of Education(503)-947-5600
OregonChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(855) 503-7233
OregonDomesticOregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence(503) 230-1951
PennsylvaniaBullyingDepartment of Education(717)-783-6788
PennsylvaniaChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services(800) 932-0313
PennsylvaniaDomesticPennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence(717) 545-6400
Rhode IslandBullyingDepartment of Education(401)-222-4600
Rhode IslandChild AbuseDepartment of Children, Youth & Families(800) 742-4453
Rhode IslandDomesticRhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence(800) 494-8100
South CarolinaBullyingDepartment of Education(803)-734-8500
South CarolinaChild AbuseDepartment of Social Services(803) 714-7444
South CarolinaDomesticSouth Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault(803) 256-2900
South DakotaBullyingDepartment of Education(605) 773-3134
South DakotaChild AbuseDepartment of Social Services(877) 244-0864
South DakotaDomesticSouth Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence(605) 945-0869
TennesseeBullyingDepartment of Education(615)-741-2731
TennesseeChild AbuseDepartment of Children Services(877) 237-0004
TennesseeDomesticTennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence(615) 386-9406
TexasBullyingDepartment of Education(512) 463-9734
TexasChild AbuseDepartment of Family & Protective Services(800) 252-5400
TexasDomesticTexas Council on Family Violence(512) 794-1133
UtahBullyingDepartment of Education(801) 538-7500
UtahChild AbuseDepartment of Human Services:  Children & Family Services(855) 323-3237
UtahDomesticUtah Domestic Violence Council(801) 521-5544
VermontBullyingDepartment of Education(802) 479-1030
VermontChild AbuseDepartment for Children & Families (800) 649-5285
VermontDomesticVermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence(800) 489-7273
VirginiaBullyingDepartment of Education(804)-225-2092
VirginiaChild AbuseDepartment of Social Services(800) 552-7096
VirginiaDomesticVirginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance(804) 377-0335
WashingtonBullyingDepartment of Education(360)-725-6000
WashingtonChild AbuseDepartment of Social & Health Services(866) 363-4276
WashingtonDomesticWashington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence(360) 586-1022
West VirginiaBullyingDepartment of Education(304)-558-2681
West VirginiaChild AbuseDepartment of Health & Human Resources(800) 352-6513
West VirginiaDomesticWest Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence(304) 965-3552
WisconsinBullying Department of Education(608) 266-3390
WisconsinChild AbuseDepartment of Children & Families(608) 422-7000
WisconsinDomesticEnd Domestic Abuse Wisconsin(920) 684-5770
WyomingBullyingDepartment of Education(307) 777-7675
WyomingChild AbuseDepartment of Family Services(307) 777-7921
WyomingDomesticWyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault(307) 755-5481