HPF Pulse Project

The HPF Pulse Project was created to provide victims, heroes, caregivers and volunteers a directory for finding services in all 50 states. Pulse is there to let you know who is out there and willing to help with a form of violence that you may have experienced.  If you wish to add your organization to the HPF Pulse Project please call 1-267-386-6549 or fill or contact us by email with the Subject Header: HPF Pulse Project.

Click here for the HPF Pulse Project Master List

Please feel free  to report a correction or for your organization to be added to the list by contacting our organization and we will be happy to add you to the pulse project.

Emergency Numbers

The following phone number you can use to call and report either physical or sexual abuse of a child and get the support they need. However, If you are in the middle of a crisis situation please call 911.

New Jersey Abuse Hotline




PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center




The National Domestic Violence Hotline


Crisis Text Line