HPF Ambassadors Program

HPF Ambassadors are a group of men, women, businesses and organization who have come together to focus on preventing forms of interpersonal violence.  This includes bullying, domestic violence, and child abuse and we do this through education and awareness initiatives.

About the HPF Ambassadors Program

Our team of HPF Ambassadors are scattered throughout the country and daily are bringing this vision to life.  Whether it is through the passionate work they do in their careers or the people they interact with daily, our HPF Ambassadors are a force to be reckon with at the front line of preventing abuse from happening to others.

As an Ambassador, we ask that you do three things:

  1. Promote our mission and initiatives amongst your peers – do this through sharing our social media campaigns and talking about what we do at HPF while asking others to get involved
  2. Host one annual fundraiser that focuses specifically on the cause (e.g. Pennies for Prevention) or ask us what some of the other Ambassadors are doing
  3. Make your presence made at an HPF meeting or event so people can hear about how awesome you are and why you care about “The Foundation”

Ambassadors also play a vital role in educating others about the importance prevention and how to speak up against abuse.  We ask that HPF Ambassadors make a connection with their local advocacy centers finding out how they can help in the community.

Fill out an application today to find out more and about how you can make a difference in your community.

Meet our HPF Ambassdors

Meet the men and women who are making an impact in their communities and helping support and bring awareness of victims of abuse.

Mike Ruch, Milwaukee, WI
Mike Ruch, Milwaukee, WIAmbassador