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  • Bullying – Will It Ever End?

Bullying – Will It Ever End?

Bullying. What is it? Everyone has their own definition but I think we can unanimously agree it isn’t a moral activity by any stretch of the imagination. Not just limited to classrooms, bullying occurs everywhere, whether it be in the workplace, within families, in Internet forums, amongst social groups and so on. Now, what do all bullies have in common? They are typically worse in groups. Isolate a bully and he / she becomes far less powerful and menacing. The explanation behind the group mentality is that their “groups” act as both a shield and an instigator. Similarities can also [...]

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“The Pope is on their side”

The Vatican has expressed “shame and sorrow” over the sexual abuse of at least 1,000 children by more than 300 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania, and has said Pope Francis is “on the side” of survivors. The grand jury report, nearly 900 pages long, was the result of one of the largest US investigations into sexual abuse in the Catholic church. It detailed both the scale of abuse and the extraordinary lengths the church went to conceal and protect the perpetrators. “Victims should know that the pope is on their side. Those who have suffered are his priority, and the church [...]

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New Kentucky Law Strives to Aid Neglected and/or Abused Childre

The author states a Kentucky law has “good intentions” but is burdensome for school districts around the state because the law requires child abuse and neglect background checks of public school personnel, student teachers, contractors, and parents on school based decision making councils. A letter from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which is responsible for processing the checks, is required to verify a check has been completed. Prior to the new law, criminal background checks were required for all school system employees and school volunteers. Now, the background checks include a state social worker’s substantiation of child abuse or [...]

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  • Art 4 A Purpose

Art 4 A Purpose

Image taken from art4apurpose.org A shout out to Art 4 A Purpose, a similar organization like us. empowering children and their communities to recognize child abuse and get help through art. Art 4 a Purpose invites the community to view its annual Cake Decorating, Coloring and Art Contest on display at CoMMA through Thursday, June 28. The organization is using the event to further its mission of using the arts to raise awareness of child abuse.  Artists, photographers, writers and coloring artists from across Burke County, NC have submitted works that seek to educate the public of the [...]

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Law Enacted in NY Town to Curb Bullying

Around a quarter to a third of American students have said they’re bullied at school, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A main problem with this is many parents and guardians are unsure how to respond to bullying incidents—regardless of whether their kids are the victims or the perpetrators. North Tonawanda, a town located in western New York, instated a new rule on October 1 that allows parents to be fined $250 or be sentenced to 15 days in jail if their child violates city laws two or more times within a 90-day span. City laws include [...]

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What Is Medical Child Abuse?

A New York Times Opinion piece from 2011 dives into this important, but not wildly covered, issue. The term “medical child abuse” dates from the mid-1990s, as a condition related to Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disturbance in which a parent induces illness in a child to get attention. It has caught on with doctors over the last decade. But what constitutes “unnecessary medical care” — the heart of the test for medical child abuse — is vague and subjective. After all, doctors often disagree with one another when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of complicated conditions. [...]

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  • Orange Tie Affair Cover

Join Us April 13th for the 1st Annual Orange Tie Affair

You've heard of a Black Tie Affair?  Humanity Preservation Foundation is proud to announce its 1st annual Orange Tie Affair: An Evening of Music & Stories for Healing. This fundraiser/cocktail party will take place at the Camden Aquarium on Fri, April 13, 2018 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.  Proceeds from this event will benefit the prevention, education, and victim support of those living with abuse in the form of child abuse, domestic violence, and bullying. It will further support the launch of their HPF PULSE program that provides victims with service information throughout the United States. Unable to attend, [...]

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10 Signs of Child Abuse

Safe Horizon's 10 Signs of Child Abuse page offers 10 ways that individuals can learn to recognize child abuse and neglect, as well as a downloadable version of the signs. Source: 10 Signs of Child Abuse

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