These education articles provides parent, kids, family members others in the community about to look out for and be informed and aware of signs of abuse.

Preparing Your Child for a Doctor Visit

Visiting the doctor can be a scary experience for children. They are often not sure what to expect and may have some pre-conceived fears about going to the doctor. When your child is prepared, they will likely be less anxious, and more comfortable and cooperative at their upcoming visit. Learn ways to prepare your child here: WhatsApp dp images 4/30

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Preparing Young Children for Camp

Sleepaway camp can be both an exciting and terrifying thought for young children. It's an adventure away from home, which includes a new, thrilling environment with new friends, but also possible homesickness and the pressure to succeed. Here are tips on preparing your child for sleepaway camp: 3/30

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Summer Camp – What you should know!

The last school bell rings and before you know it is time to send the kids off to summer camp!  That is exactly what happens with approximately 11 million children each summer according to the American Camping Association! Now is the time to plan ahead - what to pack, supplies, clothing, entertainment and also to do your homework on preventing sexual assault against your child.  The Humanity Preservation Foundation put together the following; Talk with  your children about using the correct terminology when referring to body parts.  This will help to serve 2 critical areas. By using the correct terminology [...]

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