HPF Heroes contains stories from survivors of abuse and their journey from abuse to recovery. and reclaiming their lives.

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Hands Off!!

I was abused by a priest beginning at age 5. Raped and impregnated by same priest while still in elementary school. Miscarried. Lost the baby, my innocence and my childhood. Endured several surgical procedures while still in elementary school and continuing throughout my first year of high school. Final result...a total hysterectomy. No children for me ever. I would forever carry that undeniable void. It is a life long pain, a loss that I grieve daily. Mother kept 'my secret'? My 'dirty little secret'? To this day I still do not know what my siblings were told about 'my dirty [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 6

I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest. I had a very traumatic childhood. I was born hearing impaired. Had 10 surgeries from 6-10 on my ears. Raped at 7 by a 17 yr old cousin. Issues with my moms first husband under the age of 2, not knowing the full extent of abuse from him. But a lot of trauma. At the age of 9 he came to visit, he French kissed me with alcohol and cigarette smoke on his breath. The smell of old spice all together, are triggers for me. Hate the smells. Also, he tried [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 5

In early spring of 1997, Watertown, South Dakota, my hometown, was facing one of the biggest floods known to the community. It engulfed homes. The flood waters forced countless families out of their homes. In the tragedy of it all, the community came together. They began filling and placing sandbags to prevent the rising waters from reaching more homes and businesses. Countless times people wanted to give up, let the waters in, because simply, it was easier. I envision my childhood much like a home surrounded by the water. There is nothing able to be saved by the way it [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 4

As a five or six year old, my parents worked hard. I was left with my dad's parents'. My uncle started molesting me. Then soon after, so did two of my oldest cousins. I remember this going on until I was twelve. I found out what was happening to me from an encyclopedia. I knew it was scary,  hurt, and left me feeling all alone. Never thinking once about telling anyone. My grandparents fought. My granddad, was scary with butcher knives, either at me, or the latest dog's tail. Just for fun. My dad abused my mom, when he was [...]

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HPF Heroes – Julian

The Ride Home Childhood is a time of wonder and discovery. But there are events that are planted in the linings of my brain that I will never forget. For instance, the plane ride from England to Canada and how I put on a first class act to get the window seat. Also, the ride from Canada to New Jersey was full of wonder. I do not remember stopping at Niagara Falls, but there is a picture of me standing on a brick fence and leaning over a steel rail gazing at the raging waters and it still brings me [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 3

My sister and I became victims of childhood sexual abuse when we were around the ages of 6 and 7.  The predator, which will be named Phil, was your normal friendly neighbor that was always willing to lend a helping hand and was extremely nice.  Sometimes our parents would even invite him over to our house.  Little did we know how different his other side of his personality and aggressiveness was until he started molesting us. To put this in perspective, my sister and I were around the age that “normal” kids were learning how to read, write and learn [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 2

When I was in kindergarten, my older brother used to pick me up at school and then walk me home every afternoon. He was supposed to take care of me and my other brother while our parents were out working. When you are that young, you only expect care and support from your family. That’s what we all thought he was doing until he sexually abused me. I was 5 years old then. For such a small boy, it is difficult to understand this type of situation, especially if it involves a person that you respect and admire. I was [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous

A Moment In Time I had the best mother in the world and you will catch me saying that 365 days a year, not just on a Sunday in May on social media.  She did everything in her power to protect, provide for, and nurture me.  And someone stole that sense of stability and safety away from me… in just one moment in time.  I was not left alone with him overnight.  I was not left alone with him for hours at a time.  I was not left alone with him… at all.  This was a crime of opportunity.  This [...]

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HPF Heroes – Rachel Grant

From Broken to Beyond Surviving™ By Rachel Grant I was a five-year old, middle-class kid, growing up in Oklahoma with an acre out my backdoor when my grandfather came to live with our family. As an innate nurturer, I would help my mom and dad take care of him by doing simple things like bringing him a bowl of cereal, keeping him company, and reading to him. We spent hours on our front porch swing talking, laughing, and watching the people in the park across the street. He was my friend and a quiet companion. One day, glowing from having [...]

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Personal Journey to Triumph!

My cycle of abuse lasted until I was well into my 30s! As a young child I remembered being physically abused by both my parents, mostly my mother, unfortunately. She drank a lot when I was kid and was an angry drunk. She usually either hit us with her hand (or spoon) or grabbed the closest object and threw it at us (shoes,ashtrays, pots and the like).  Dad usually got out the belt, buckle side if you were really bad.  Verbal abuse was an everyday event, never being good enough, being the reason for their unhappiness or practicing poor language [...]

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