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Executive Director Letter 2019

A lot can happen in a year. Even more apparently can happen in a decade. HPF started the year off with a bang. We had the 2nd Annual Orange Tie Affair. We launched a web TV mini-series #HandsOff. We continued to help those needing advocacy support and those who had experienced abuse. And then something odd happened - we kind of hit a plateau. I’ve had countless conversations with other entrepreneurs and successful startups. Most of the books out there will tell you the same as well. Get to the 5 year mark and magical things will happen for your [...]

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Executive Director Letter 2018

What has 2018 brought me?  I have been saying this for a while now, that every year has gotten better than the last, and this one didn’t disappoint. For starters, I got married to the most beautiful, wonderful and loving person in the world. There were so many incredible little moments and events leading up to what was the greatest day of my life.  For those that played apart in the journey, you know who you are, and we can’t thank you enough.  Alex, you make me a better person and I can’t wait to continue this lifelong adventure together. On [...]

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Executive Director Letter 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen, If you are reading this then congratulations – you have done the impossible. You survived 2016 and all that it was. There was a lot of chaos out there, but there was also a lot of love & kindness being shared. HPF as an organization witnessed this first hand through the number of people we helped (children and adults), the number of impressions we made and the amount of money that we raised. Spoiler alert: all were our highest totals since we founded this thing back in 2013. That does not happen without your participation and there [...]

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Executive Director Letter 2015

Greetings Everyone! As the final waning hours of 2014 begin to tick off the clock – I, like so many others, have been spending a lot of time reflecting on what a fantastic year it has been.  On a personal level, I completely changed my life and moved to Wisconsin for a growth opportunity, leaving behind a tremendous network of family, friends and acquaintances (thank god for FaceTime).  I took on the challenge of learning a new language, Spanish to be exact, and it has been quite the challenge to say the least (Aprender un nuevo idioma es difícil.)  I [...]

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  • PHL17 InFocus

HPF will be featured on PHL 17’s “In Focus”

The Humanity Preservation Foundation will be featured on PHL 17's "In Focus" with Steve Highsmith - slated to air on January 17th! HPF is positioning itself to make a difference in this world and we are looking forward to sharing our future plans and successes along the way. Watch for updates on when this interview will air!    

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  • #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday

On this day of Giving Tuesday 2014, we hope that you will consider donating to the Humanity Preservation Foundation. We are dedicated and committed to the prevention and education of abuse in the form of Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Bullying so that those that have been victimized can heal and those that have not, can be protected. Your donation helps to fund our efforts to present into school systems, to parents, teachers, and children on these topics to help keep children safe! We hope that you will share in this effort and make a donation today!  

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  • The Oprah Winfrey Show

4th anniversary of “200 Men Molested” On Oprah

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the landmark Oprah Winfrey Show that I had the honor to be on “200 Men Molested” It was the first time that I publicly spoke of my own personal story and speaking thereafter. My life changed forever that day in the best of ways! At that time, and going forward the outpouring of support from everyone has been amazing! The last 4 years have been incredible with new and exciting opportunities and I am so blessed! I dedicate today to the 199 other men who stood alongside me on that show - shattering the [...]

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Round Table with RAPP featuring ISWAT and Walil

On Saturday,  January 11th , – co-founder Rhett Hackett had the pleasure of being asked and participated in the inaugural radio show Down Town Hot Radio for the RAPP Show hosted by Andrea Johnson.  Rhett, along with Torrance Young and Derrick Hook from ISWAT and Walil, an independent activist participated in a panel style talk show.  The topic centered around today’s young men, the dangers they face, and why boys (who become men) don’t tell or speak up when they are affected by crisis or trauma.  Speaking from the perspective of HPF’s mission, Rhett talked about child sexual abuse, domestic violence in the home, and [...]

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Executive Director Letter 2013

Hello Everyone, First and foremost, we want to thank every single one of you for making 2013 an incredible start to our journey.  Since we started just six months ago, the Humanity Preservation Foundation has already spoken to 1,000's of people about the effects abuse can have on everyone.  We also have spoken to many about different ways to prevent these heinous acts from occurring in the future, but for that to become a reality, it will truly take a team effort.  You are all apart of that team. I learned a lot in 2013  in regards to not just [...]

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GCASE & COMA present County Wide Professional Development Day

What do you get when you fill a lecture hall with 180+ educators, child study teams, and special needs education teachers?  Co-Founder Rhett Hackett's favorite kind of people to speak to, TEACHERS! This type of audience is at the core of every community - the school system.  Most children at some point will come into contact with the folks that attended the conference November 6th 2013.  Rhett had the opportunity to speak to them and tell them the story of his journey - overcoming child sexual abuse - and demonstrating that it is possible to heal, thrive, and inspire.  Most [...]

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