HPF Timeline

This is the HPF Timeline of significant events that have occurred for our organization and have provided great impact to the communities that we work with.

HPF Timeline

April 2018

Orange Tie Affair

Hosted The 1st Annual Orange Tie Affair fundraising event.
October 2017

Launched HPF Pulse

Launched HPF Pulse, an online tool for finding resources nationwide that provide services for Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Bullying
April 2017

Launched the Hero Series

Launched the Hero Series during Child Abuse Prevention Month – providing a platform for survivors to tell their story.
November 2016

First #GivingTuesday

First large scale #GivingTuesday campaign.
June 2016

HPF Firsty Award Recipient – Barnegat Rotary Club

Humanity Preservation Foundation is proud to announce that the Barnegat Rotary Club has received the HPF Firsty Award for being the first organization to help raise funds on our behalf.  Rhett Hackett was proud to present this to the Rotary Club President and its members on June 16th, 2016.
June 2016

First Media Campaign

First summer HPF media campaign launch.
April 2016

“30 for 30” series Launched

Launched the “30 for 30” series during Child Abuse Prevention Month.
May 2015

HPF Firsty Award Recipient – Zachary Weintraut

Zachary Weintraut was awarded this honor for setting up HPF’s first external fundraiser at Bertucci’s Restaurant on May 6th 2015.
May 2015

First Fundraiser

Bertucci’s hosts the first “Dine for Dollars” event as HPFs first fundraiser
October 2014

Received Nonprofit Status

Recognized by the IRS as a 501(C) (3) Public Charity
December 2013

Officially Recognized Organization

December 2013 Officially recognized by the State of Pennsylvania as an incorporated organization
October 2013

First Speaking Engagement

First speaking engagement as HPF at the “School of the Future”.
July 2013

HPF Logo Finalized

Final HPF logo designed by Jaamal Benjamin.
May 2013

First HPF Meeting

First “official” HPF meeting in a small apartment located in Northern Liberties.
April 2013

Rhett and Buddy Meet

Rhett and Buddy had a few cocktails and spoke about the vision of HPF.
November 2010

Rheet Hackett Appears on Oprah

Rheet Hackett appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show in an episode titled “200 Men Molested”.