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Take the #OrangeChallenge: Humanity Preservation Foundation challenges you to take a picture with an orange peel smile and donate $1 to our organization to raise awareness and help prevent abuse. Post the picture with the hashtags #OrangeChallenge and #FollowTheOrangeHeart on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and challenge five friends to do the same.

Our Reason for the #OrangeChallenge

$115 million was donated through the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during an 8-week period in 2014. 3 new genes were discovered in the last two years from this funding, which will help identify new therapies.

The Orange Challenge will look to have a similar impact in raising awareness and preventing abuse. All donations will be used toward developing a new application that will modernize the way education, prevention, and recovery occurs throughout the country.  Of course, there are other ways to get involved or support Humanity Preservation Foundation.

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