HPF Firsty Award Recipient – Morgan Ridgway

Congrats Morgan Ridgway our latest “Firsty” Award winner who worked hard and had HPF come in and do a presentation at Barnegat High School!!!

Thank you Zachary Weintraut and congratulations!

About the Firsty Award

The Humanity Preservation Foundation Firsty Award is an award given those who have achieved a “first” for our organization that helps us move in a forward direction – advancing it in the direction towards the vision that was intended!  With no set list the items can range from a “like” on Facebook, an external fundraiser or a type of donation! How one earns a “Firsty” is to get involved and support our efforts, mission, and goals to provide hope in the darkest of circumstances! You could be our next recipient!

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  1. Michelle September 21, 2016 at 3:17 pm - Reply

    Wow this is an awesome idea, so proud to say Morgan is my daughter and an inspiration to me every single day. You all are doing a great service providing support to all victims in their individual nightmare and knowledge to others that have been in the dark for so long.

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