A Psychedelic Summer


The drinks is on me

The bitches, the hotel, the weed is all free

Get high, I mean so high

We don’t see the whole suite

Then fly to a level where you gonna need your own key — Wiz Khalifa



My friends and I have always been interested in altered states of consciousness. So, one summer we decided we were going to go out into nature and get the most natural feelings you could ever have with being one with nature. We wanted this to be all natural. We ran across the street to the forest that we would be frolicking around in for the day. We stumbled our spot and took a seat. After taking a seat in the loud forest that was infested with insects trying to make us their dinner, we closed our eyes and focused on all our senses. Right when I got comfortable my friend started jumbling around and I squinted open one eye to see what he was doing. That’s when I saw him slip a square piece of paper under his tongue never even peeking his eyes open once. I calmly asked him what he was doing, and he explained to me that LSD would heighten the experience.


I rolled my eyes and shut them again. I started having closed eye visuals of different child hood memories because my mind wasn’t fully clear of everything, I still was pretty depressed at the time and wanted to find a way out. The first memory was when I was little, and my father use to play soccer with me in the front yard. I was observing this memory from the third person perspective, like I wasn’t really re-living it but merely looking on while it happened. After all of these memories came and went, I was very satisfied with my experiences and I awoke from the trance. I looked around and I wasn’t with my buddy anymore, but I could still hear him. I looked around and saw him talking to a tree stump with his button up shirt quite dirty and his tie flipped over his shoulder. I thought well he must be having a good time, but I wasn’t going to be the one to ruin it for him. I ran across the foggy forest towards what looked like a hole in the ground.


Now this wasn’t your average snake hole, this was a manmade hole with a radius that easily reached six feet. I bent over the top of it scared that I wasn’t going to fall down this never-ending hole into the abyss. I looked down and you couldn’t see the bottom, in fact it looked like it was a black hole. I have seen way too many movies where this was where the main character jumps down and dies. I wasn’t going to be the main character this time, but with a bitter chemical taste on my tongue everything became distorted instantly and the hole turned into a gorgeous spring.


Immediately I jumped in, not even questioning what my parents would think when they saw my church clothes soaking wet. Right before I hit the water it changed back to the black hole like it was rubbing it in my face that it tricked me. As I fell further and further down the hole my eyes were squinted and I was tensed up waiting for my body to hit some kind of bottom. Except I never hit the bottom, I simply slowed down and stopped falling once I came to the bottom. I hovered right above the ground. I was so confused and scared that I started to panic, and my anxiety started to creep up on my conscience. I thought this was supposed to be uplifting and peaceful? I can’t remember anything after that. I woke up in my friend’s bedroom, and he said that I had passed out after he slipped a paper tab into my mouth. This is what started my experiments.