The Humanity Preservation Foundation wishes to thank St. Mary’s Church of Ardmore, PA for inviting us to speak during their special Lent Series!  Fr. Mike Giansiracusa conducts a special 6 week series during Lent in which he finds a movie that focuses on a topic and then provides the opportunity for those attending to talk about the film, ask questions, and explore how it relates and connects to the church.  On this particular evening the movie was “Spotlight.” The topic of conversation related back to the sexual abuse that took place in the Catholic Church, and how the Boston Globe uncovered the scandal through investigative journalism.  

President and Co-founder Rhett Hackett was able to speak to the depths of victimization through sexual assault.  This type of presentation represents one of the core beliefs that HPF strives for and that is “community based involvement” – coming together as a community to discuss topics that have typically not been talked about – designed to protect others.  Thank you Father Mike and all that attended.  St. Mary’s is located at 36 Ardmore Ave in Ardmore Pennsylvania.