Last spring, Jack, along with his brother was placed in a Childhelp foster home. Jack came from a very chaotic and violent home setting, and brought a lot of past trauma and hurt, especially for someone so young; he was only seven years old. Jack showed his pain through his actions and behaviors. We could see it all over his face and how he carried himself. He could not make eye contact when speaking to others and would talk very quietly or not at all. He also had trouble in school controlling his emotions. Jack would yell, kick, hit, and throw objects in the classroom, often being physically restrained by school staff members. On several occasions, Jack’s behavior led to his peers being asked to leave the classroom during these incidents.

Shortly after being placed with Childhelp, Jack and his brother moved to a kinship Childhelp foster home for about seven months. It was during this time that Jack began to heal. Continue reading his story: