Many People ask Me why I am so full on about Child Abuse Prevention.

If You have time to read, I will tell You a bit about My life.

Born in 1973 in Brisbane, Queensland.
In 1974 I was caught up with many residents in the 1974 Brisbane floods.
Floating down the street in a Basinet.

We moved to NSW.
My little Sister was born.
We moved again.
Mum and Dad split up.

From 0 – 5 I seen much Violence.

At 5 years old My Sister and Myself were adopted.
We spent a small amount of time with Foster Parents between the transfer from one family to the next.

My Adopted Family was loving and caring.
Both parents had multiple jobs.
They already had two boys and a girl.
They wanted another girl.
They adopted Us both.

For many years, I felt that I didn’t belong there.

By 11,12 years of age, I was a very troubled child. Many night mares that I could not explain.

12,13 I was put into a Youth Hostel on the Gold Coast.
Spent almost 2 years there. Off an on.

When I went back to My Family. They had all gone. My Mother and Father had broken up. My older Sister was with her Partner. My older Brothers were hitchhiking around Queensland. And My younger Sister was with Our Adoptive Mother.

By 13,14 years of age. I was diagnosed with Bipolar and PTSD.
I had no where to go and no one around.
I lived on the Streets in Southport, Gold Coast.
It was very dangerous, yet no one knew of the Predators in the parks at night.

At 14 I was taken to a Boys home in Kallangur, Queensland.
This is where the nightmares became reality.

I will cut this part short.

Over 3+ years I was raped over 170 times. By 17 different People.
Some staff, some were there friends. Some were in high positions of power.
Both Men and Women abusers.

I had my jaw broken multiple times, eye sockets crushed. Head split open numerous times. And one occasion My head was popped after dropping 3 stories attached to a chain.
Multiple broken ribs.

Internal damage that at 45 years of age, I still have problems with.

I have a head, body, heart and soul covered in scars.
This went on for Years. Many other boys were also impacted by these abusers.
Anyone we told would be sacked, or we would never see them again.

During My time at this facility. I was taken to another facility, where I was raped by other boys.
I attempted suicide many times.

At 16 I was one of the first boys to do what they called Rural Access Course. Teaching young underprivileged boys and girls to become farmers.

We were sent to South Burnett College in Kingaroy.
The abuse continued, except now the Abusers were a part of Australia’s Hierarchy.

Statements were made to Police, I was taken back to Kallangur. The abuse continued.

At 18 I was given $14 and the clothes I was wearing.
And told, off You go. You are not allowed here anymore.

I was heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol.
I had nothing.
Over the next year I travelled around North Queensland.
At 19 I met My biological Mother.

From that moment on My life changed.

That is another story for another day.

By the time I was 18, I had seen and been impacted, physically, mentally and psychologically to such a great extent.
I didn’t actually know who I was.
I created multiple personalities to be able to deal with multiple trauma’s.

I started People Against Intentional Neglect in 2012.
Because it has never changed, it has Only got worse.

So many traumatized and damaged People are in our Society.
And at times it feels like no one actually cares.

I wanted to show that I care.

As time has gone on since starting P.A.I.N. I have seen increases of upto 500% in Child Abuse statistics.
Predatory behaviour and crimes has escalated dramatically.

So I created Predator Prevention Team.
That wasn’t enough, with My latest creation of 1800 WE PREVENT. Predator Prevention Hotline.
I am finally making some progress in reducing the amount of Predators in Society having access to Children in Public.

As a Father and Grandfather it is My Duty to Protect the next Generations.
As a Survivor it is My PRIORITY to Prevent Child Abuse and to Prevent Predators in Society.

If you have taken the time to read this. Thank You.
I hope that this gives a little understanding of why I am so full on. When it comes to Child Abuse Prevention.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Awesome.