Well here goes. I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I was physically emotionally and sexually abused by my mother. I never told a soul until triggered at the age of 39 by the birth of my son. He looked just like me and seeing that helpless baby boy rocked my world. It has touched every corner of my life. Everything from an eating disorder to suicide attempts to being a hustler selling myself in a search for a way to take control over my body. I carry much shame around all of this but am proud that I never hurt anyone but myself. I have done counseling for many years to come to terms with it all and I have been successful with it. (I’m still here lol). Married and raised three happy healthy abuse free successful children. Helped start up an organization that raised awareness and funds so that sexually abused kids could get treatment. Did several talk shows including Oprah to raise awareness. I do occasionally get days where I’m down but still consider myself s survivor I could go on but I hope my story helps.
Oh and I’d like to add that when I confronted my mother about the abuse she said it wasn’t incest because there was no intercourse