“I was worried about the violence the children had seen and how it might affect them. Both children were sullen, and weren’t very good at articulating their feelings. They were very obedient and didn’t really behave like children at all. They played quietly and were very subdued.”

“The NSPCC’s work with my children gave them the light back behind their eyes. It felt like they’d released whatever they’d been holding on to. We were all finally happy and free to live.”

“If there are any parents reading this who are going through something like us, I’d say please don’t be scared and please talk to someone. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and it’s not your fault so stop blaming yourself.”

“My children are my stars and I know that they will never harm anyone, but without the NSPCC’s help, they might not have been that way.”

Read Margaret’s story: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/what-we-do/childrens-stories-about-abuse/margarets-story/