Last Thursday, the 26th, our co-founders Rhett Hackett and Charles Custer had the privilege of attending the Fall Open House for the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA).   The visit comes with mixed feelings. One look and you can see that you are in a newly created facility!  The fresh smell of new carpet and clean walls of new paint gives a feeling of crispness and as told, this is an expanded facility compared to their previous home on 15th Street.  You can also see how they are now connected with the Special Victims Unit (SVU) of Philadelphia along with the Department of Human Services (DHS) in what is called “co-location”!

Wait, co-location! Expanded space! This isn’t a joint venture of a shopping mall but a place where children will need to come when they have been victimized by sexual abuse!  Co-location will now help to reduce the risk of re-victimizing the child by not having them have to be shifted from place to place.  Instead, it is a one stop shop for children that have been victimized and allows the # 1 reason for such a place to exist and foster healing sooner!

This new facility will allow PCA to see 100% of the cases involving children being sexually assaulted. As sad as it may be, what is comforting is that it is a child friendly facility that will be able to provide resources for victims and their families. Their effort – supports our effort!  Expand – co-locate – because the efforts of many clearly defines making an investment in the future of humanity and that is an Orange Heart moment!