Yesterday the Humanity Preservation Foundation had the distinct pleasure of presenting to the Forked River Rotary Club at their weekly meeting held at the Captain’s Inn in Lacey Township! After lunch was served, Co-founder and President of HPF Rhett Hackett presented to the group what the foundation is all about including statistics, efforts, and challenges.

Why is this type of presentation so important? The Rotary Club is made up of business owners and when we can get local businesses in a community to be behind us and supporting the efforts to heal victims from the effects of interpersonal violence and the efforts to educate to stop it – great things can happen. As community based efforts come together that is how we can protect our children. In this effort, we hope that business owners will then invite us in to speak with their employees in an open forum such as a “lunch & learn” and educate on the topics.

Do you have a speaker need? Looking to have someone come into your place of employment or a club that you are involved in? Let us know and we would be happy to set something up to come and speak at your event or office!