Rhett Hackett with Barnegat High School

HPF was invited back to Barnegat High School this year to take part in the “Tell Us Your Story” program. Invited to speak at the pilot program last year to the junior class, this year, the program expanded to the entire student body and faculty! In two sessions, and over 1,000 students, HPF presented the personal story of co-founder Rhett Hackett and educated on the topic of interpersonal violence prevention in the areas of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Bullying!

The session wrapped up with Q&A from audience members and the opportunity for some photo’s. This is how change occurs and as we tell our stories, and educate the public, we learn that we are not alone and that we can protect one another. If you are interested in having HPF come and speak at your school select the contact tab and reach out to us. We will be happy to sit down with you and discuss and execute a program that is best!