What do you get when you fill a lecture hall with 180+ educators, child study teams, and special needs education teachers?  Co-Founder Rhett Hackett’s favorite kind of people to speak to, TEACHERS!

This type of audience is at the core of every community – the school system.  Most children at some point will come into contact with the folks that attended the conference November 6th 2013.  Rhett had the opportunity to speak to them and tell them the story of his journey – overcoming child sexual abuse – and demonstrating that it is possible to heal, thrive, and inspire.  Most importantly, provide tools and information on what to watch out for or how to teach children to protect themselves.

The message that HPF took from attending the conference is that an HPF presence is indeed a good thing.  When it came to Q & A after Rhett speaking – the flood of questions was amazing! It shows that people have questions that they finally get to answer, and that as a group we can all gain a better understanding of these horrible acts that happen to children when we work together.

HPF would like to thank the following people;

Kim DiPinto, Richard Gaydos, (Gloucester County, and NJCAP) and Mike Deninger from Male Survivor who presented as well.