Hello and welcome to the Humanity Preservation Foundation!  It is exciting in just saying that!!!!  What can one summer bring you in addition to burgers, hot dogs, and a summer tan?

How about a non-profit foundation that will help provide guidance and direction in all areas of abuse; physical, sexual, and domestic violence along with bullying!   That is what Buddy Custer and Rhett Hackett have done by taking the challenges of a personal journey and combining it with youthful vision that will progress and take individuals to the edge of a new journey and in the value of investing in humanity.

It is about self-empowerment and when you combine that with providing the right resources, eliminating confusion under the worst circumstances it then becomes not about helping one person.  It becomes about helping many.  That is what the Humanity Preservation Foundation is about.  It is with gratitude and the joy of knowing that we all play various roles in our everyday lives, and by doing so, we have the power to help others.

We have the power to preserve humanity!