A lot can happen in a year. Even more apparently can happen in a decade. HPF started the year off with a bang. We had the 2nd Annual Orange Tie Affair. We launched a web TV mini-series #HandsOff. We continued to help those needing advocacy support and those who had experienced abuse. And then something odd happened – we kind of hit a plateau.

I’ve had countless conversations with other entrepreneurs and successful startups. Most of the books out there will tell you the same as well. Get to the 5 year mark and magical things will happen for your organization. There was a lot of excitement coming into this year and you could feel it at the OTA…and then it just stopped. Rhett and I had a few conversations about this sort of lull. Initially we chalked it up to summer time and post OTA blues, but then it continued on into the 2nd half of the year.

Now when you reach a plateau like this, there are two ways to handle it. You can continue on doing the same things that got you here. Or you can take a step back and evaluate what happens “next”. We chose the ladder and it was the best decision we could’ve made. Taking a step back allowed us to look at how we’re structured and what’s going to allow us to continue to grow. And then something magical did happen.

On December 1st, the State of New Jersey’s new legislation significantly extended the statute of limitations for sexual abuse claims. What this means is if you have been a victim of child sexual assault/abuse in The State of New Jersey, regardless of when it happened you have the right to investigate if you can file a claim. It was a game changer and it put HPF at the forefront of helping victims navigate what this change means.

2019 was another good year, but the 2010s was an even better decade. HPF is set up for more magic to happen in the roaring 20s and we hope you continue to stay along for the ride. There are some great partnerships in the works that will continue to allow us to support past victims and empower those that are looking to make a change. As google said with its end of year video – the world is looking for heroes and why can’t that be you?

Thank you once again from the bottom of our orange hearts and we wish you a healthy, happy and love filled 2020.

HPF Executive Director Charles Custer

Charles “Buddy” Custer

Executive Director / Co-Founder