Humanity Preservation Foundation wishes to thank the Gloucester Township-Pine Hill Rotary Club for inviting us to attend  their weekly meeting that took place at the Lamp Post Diner.  We spoke on the topics such as child abuse (physical & sexual) bullying, and domestic violence and how it relates to our mission to not just help victims of child abuse to heal but the need to educate people to help prevent this horrible acts from happening.  The presentation at the Rotary Club meeting were kicked off with a presentation by Zachary Weintraut, a Development Associate who coordinated with the Rotary Club to give our presentation to the group.  Then Rhett Hackett providing statistical information as well as tactical approaches to preventing said acts from happening to children.  The group was receptive and supportive of such a task and members were willing to assist in HPF’s efforts.

Our organization was honored to attend the Gloucester Township-Pine Hill Rotary Pancake Breakfast that took place a local Applebee’s Restaurant in which other members and attendees learned of HPF’s services, programs and more.  When asked to recap what he thought of HPF and the Rotary Club’s efforts Mr. Weintraut stated, “some of the greatest achievements in humanity have the simplest of starts beginning with the mere exchange of an idea, a grand idea”!