HPF has been busy!  

We wrapped up the spring with a final presentation to first year medical students at the University of Pennsylvania for the second year in a row.  This group is a dynamic collection of students educating themselves to get into the medical profession.  Discussing the topic of child sexual abuse is important because they will be one of the people on the front line either examining a child that has been assaulted or working with an adult that has a history of child sexual abuse and still living with the horror associated with the abuse.

In addition to all of that, we have been working on the legal processes in launching a legitimate, solid, and operable foundation. This has included working with our attorney in filing the proper paperwork, and meeting with advisors to help us be the very best we can.

HPF is happy to announce that on October 14, 2014 we received our official letter from the IRS and announce that our application for our 501c had been approved making us an official “Not for Profit – Tax Exempt” foundation! (see our video)

This means that when a person makes a donation to our foundation they can write the amount off as a deduction when they file their income taxes!  This opens the door for us to approach corporate sponsors for funding and apply for federal grants!

What is next for HPF?

As we continue to launch here are just a few key items you can expect to see happening here at HPF;

  • Vigorously seeking corporate donations and sponsorships.
  • We will be seeking volunteers to assist with our various efforts.
  • Saturday, October 25, 2014 we will be speaking at the 2nd annual safety summit for women and children hosted by Philadelphia DA – Seth Williams.