It’s been six years since the landmark episode of “200 Men Molested” aired on the Oprah Winfrey Show where I had the honor to stand alongside 199 other men and Tyler Perry and give testimony of my history of child sexual abuse!  From there – the stigma of shame and the secrecy had been shattered and my goal to help others began and my life changed forever in the best of ways!

Today, I/we share the link of that amazing episode for two reasons. It’s time to have a discussion. If you have children, take a moment to watch the episode and then discuss with your children the safety in preventing a predator from harming them. Take inventory to the people that are directly connected with your son or daughter. Not sure what to say – we can help you!  If you are a person that has been victimized as a child – it’s time to have a discussion! Watch the show and know that healing is possible. You do not have to live with the burden of shame and that the best life available to you is possible! There are many services out there now and one can be found for you! And remember – YOU MATTER!