Humanity Preservation Foundation is proud to announce that the Barnegat Rotary Club has received the HPF Firsty Award for being the first organization to help raise funds on our behalf.  Rhett Hackett was proud to present this to the Rotary Club President and its members on June 16th, 2016.

Thank you Barnegat Rotary Club and congratulations!

About the Firsty Award

The Humanity Preservation Foundation Firsty Award is an award given those who have achieved a “first” for our organization that helps us move in a forward direction – advancing it in the direction towards the vision that was intended!  With no set list the items can range from a “like” on Facebook, an external fundraiser or a type of donation! How one earns a “Firsty” is to get involved and support our efforts, mission, and goals to provide hope in the darkest of circumstances! You could be our next recipient!