I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest. I had a very traumatic childhood. I was born hearing impaired. Had 10 surgeries from 6-10 on my ears. Raped at 7 by a 17 yr old cousin. Issues with my moms first husband under the age of 2, not knowing the full extent of abuse from him. But a lot of trauma. At the age of 9 he came to visit, he French kissed me with alcohol and cigarette smoke on his breath. The smell of old spice all together, are triggers for me. Hate the smells. Also, he tried to kidnap me from school on several occasions, but was unsuccessful. While pursuing my life dream career as a police officer, I saw his name in the detectives office. As the the top of the list on the board for most dangerous person in Ontario. He was a biker, and a mean one. I was terrified they’d find out I was his bio daughter.

I later found out he wasn’t my bio dad. I always felt I was the child of Satan. Great thing about growing up in a small town, lots of friends and life long ties. I was adopted at 2.5 by an amazing man, he was my rock. 2 of the 4 marriages my mom had were to very good men. Thank God, I married a good man. He is a little of both of them. My children are so blessed, to have not known about abuse personally. My house burned down twice as a child. I was emotionally and physically abused by my mother all of my childhood. She was an alcoholic. When I was in my teens, I drank and partied with friends. I was raped while passed out. When I was 26, I was hit head on by a drunk driver while I was In college for nursing. My mom had completed her first yr of sobriety, and was attending the family program.

I was told, I may never walk again on my left foot. I was walking in 9 months. Stubborn like my mom. When I had my first child at 27. I looked at my husband, and said I remembered my rape at 7. But I was so happy to have my son. Life changed me. Everything was amazing. Love healed me. Then I had my second daughter, Doctor didn’t catch her at birth. She had a severe neck injury. She lived for 64 days. Losing her was losing my childhood all over again. But I got pregnant and a yr later I had my 3rd child. A girl. My mom held my Michaela while she died, and delivered Chelsea-Michaela. Then 4 months later, I found my moms daughter, my sister, my mom gave up for adoption.

My mom got pregnant at 14, against her will. When my mom went to rehab, I forgave her for everything. She deserved to be in her grandchildren a lives. Forgiveness was a gift I gave to myself. I’ve spent the last 20 yrs growing up with my children, loving every minute. When my children were 1 and 4, I got a settlement from my accident. I used it to start my charity, at the time it was called “Save The Children, Stop Sexual Abuse”. 4 yrs into my charity, I was sued by Save The Children International and Canadian. They were afraid someone would donate to the wrong charity. And a lawyer from MBM Law Firm in Ottawa called and represented me pro bono. I had to change my name. Secrets “Protect Our Children, Stop Sexual Abuse” it would be. 2018, I’m in my 17th yr. and I’m inspired everyday by amazing heroes and Sheroes. Life is crazy beautiful. Education, prevention, raising awareness, empowerment, and promoting healing is our goals. I love my life, and helping others, helped me to heal from my childhood and trauma. Today, I help victims anyway I can. I pray a lot. And I love my children. Everyone has a story. By sharing, we empower others. We are not alone. There is no shame in your story. Please share it, to inspire others 💓 Love