Ehett Hackett at Camp Twitch & Shout Fundraiser

HPF took part in the 3rd annual fundraiser for Camp Twitch & Shout by purchasing a table and attending the event and supporting awareness of those affected with Tourette’s syndrome. Each year, children get to attend this one week camp at Camp Twitch and Shout in which they get to relax and be themselves without the fear of being made fun of or bullied in an environment that helps to build self-esteem.

Many children affected with this have very few friends and isolate themselves. Funds raised goes towards scholarships so children that can’t afford the fee are still able to attend. The event included a full buffet, drinks, silent auction & raffles along with a DJ and an amazing performance by the camp counselors!

Children with disabilities and challenges like Tourette’s are at a greater risk of being bullied or sexually assaulted due to communication barriers and warning signs that are often masked and an effort that helps to build self-esteem, a contributing factor to prevention, is an effort HPF can support! To learn more about Camp Twitch & Shout