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Finding a Separate Peace in an Age of Mental Illness

This will be the hardest piece of writing for me so far in my career, because I will attempt to delve into my own mental illness in an attempt to help those with a mental illness. Especially those who may consider bringing a weapon to school to harm others, or those who do not recognize the bully in themselves. Because I was a bully. And I know how hard and painful it is to be kind to others, when you have not been treated fairly in life from a young age. I would first like to reflect on a book [...]

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Time Spent In A Psych Ward

The first time I allowed myself to get a psychological evaluation at a hospital was one of the most normalizing experiences of my life. I have a mental illness, and I decided to take myself off of my medication without really working with my doctor on it. Why did I do that? Because the stigma was too great, and I truly felt that if the society I lived in could not accept that I needed to take medication and see therapists for the abuse I sustained when I was a little girl... I could not accept myself either. Have you [...]

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