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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 6

I'm a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and incest. I had a very traumatic childhood. I was born hearing impaired. Had 10 surgeries from 6-10 on my ears. Raped at 7 by a 17 yr old cousin. Issues with my moms first husband under the age of 2, not knowing the full extent of abuse from him. But a lot of trauma. At the age of 9 he came to visit, he French kissed me with alcohol and cigarette smoke on his breath. The smell of old spice all together, are triggers for me. Hate the smells. Also, he tried [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 5

In early spring of 1997, Watertown, South Dakota, my hometown, was facing one of the biggest floods known to the community. It engulfed homes. The flood waters forced countless families out of their homes. In the tragedy of it all, the community came together. They began filling and placing sandbags to prevent the rising waters from reaching more homes and businesses. Countless times people wanted to give up, let the waters in, because simply, it was easier. I envision my childhood much like a home surrounded by the water. There is nothing able to be saved by the way it [...]

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HPF Heroes – Anonymous 4

As a five or six year old, my parents worked hard. I was left with my dad's parents'. My uncle started molesting me. Then soon after, so did two of my oldest cousins. I remember this going on until I was twelve. I found out what was happening to me from an encyclopedia. I knew it was scary,  hurt, and left me feeling all alone. Never thinking once about telling anyone. My grandparents fought. My granddad, was scary with butcher knives, either at me, or the latest dog's tail. Just for fun. My dad abused my mom, when he was [...]

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Plant Pinwheels On Earth Day!

April is Child Abuse Awareness month, a time to recognize that we can each play a part in promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of children and families of our community.  After all, child abuse and neglect is 100% preventable. Every year volunteers and advocates plant pinwheel gardens in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month. The pinwheel gardens are our promise to children that we are all working to make our community a safe and nurturing place for them and families to grow and flourish. Our pinwheel gardens are a great visible reminder to us all. Children hold the future [...]

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Empowering Survivor Stories

Adult survivors of childhood trauma and child abuse share personal stories of recovery to help break down isolation and give hope and optimism. Read these stories here: https://www.blueknot.org.au/Survivors-Supporters/For-Survivors/Survivor-Stories

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Clare’s Story of Child Abuse

"Forgiveness is to me a paradox. Sometimes it seems like the penultimate step in moving on. Sometimes I think that forgiveness is more than abusers deserve. Sometimes I don’t know whom to forgive." Read Clare's story: https://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/narratives/clares-story

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J. Smith’s Story

J. Smith submitted an account of being abused in foster homes and by his step-grandfather. "I have been through hell and I have seen some things that a child should never witness or experience at such a young age, but I have come to believe this: if you can live through the worst times of your life, you can live through anything. Your life is beautiful even if one person or many people try and take it from you. You will get days that you just want to give up but you don't, you keep on marching and moving forward. [...]

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Director of APA’s Violence Prevention Office Responds with Advice

Director of APA's Violence Prevention Office Julia da Silva responds to a story of abusive parenting with advice for the daughter who doesn't want to harm her own children: "This is a very sad story of abusive parenting that could have been prevented if it was dealt with early on. This abusive mother used verbal and physical violence to express her anger and frustration. Those are emotions probably associated with situations that unfortunately had nothing to do with the daughter’s behaviors. This mother also failed her daughter when she neglected to pursue behavioral health treatment to help the girl deal [...]

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