Humanity Preservation Foundation is devoted to promoting the vision of HOPE through the lives of those who have suffered from interpersonal violence, consisting of child abuse, domestic violence & bullying! It all begins with an Orange Heart – the reigning symbol for the Humanity Preservation Foundation’s mission!
We wish to see you and others take a journey with us in distributing heartwarmingly positive forms of media entertainment, messaging and actions to the most meaningful people we know – YOU!  We hope you find our work vividly worthwhile and encourage you to become involved! How? “Like” us, copy, share, and direct people to the work you find here on our website with others and as a non-profit we always welcome donations! Most importantly, follow the orange heart!

Live Towards A Why And How


“Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies”. -Anne Landers.  Live towards a why and work towards a how!

Imagine What Could Be Better


Imagine what could be better – or better yet, what can you make better for others. Sometimes just being there to listen to someone else is the remedy for that individual’s growth and healing

There Is No Better Time Than Now


Show the people who mean the most to you, an orange heart showing them you care.