Study Examined The Relationship Between Gender Inequity and Child Maltreatment

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified an association between child abuse and neglect and gender inequality, especially discrimination against women.
The study, published July 27 in the Journal of Family Violence, was an analysis of data from 57 countries worldwide of incidences of severe physical discipline of children in the form of hitting, slapping or repeated beatings, or child neglect.
The study showed that the rate of physical abuse of children varied between 1 and 43 percent and the rate of child neglect was between 0.8 and 49 percent.
Rates of discrimination against women were found to substantially impact the levels of abuse and neglect in children. According to the study, efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect might benefit from reducing gender inequity.
The study also delved into treatment of women. When women have greater political power, they tend to sponsor legislation and policy change that are supportive of children and families. Policies that are supportive of families such as paid family leave or increased availability of child care are associated with decreased rates of child maltreatment. Read the study here:

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