Parents Be Warned: Sexual Grooming Enforced in “Show Dogs” Movie

Show Dogs is not safe for child viewers. In the movie, the protagonist dog, Max, is being coached to have his genitals inspected as means of winning a dog show. Although this is something that occurs in dog shows, a child may not be familiar with that fact, and does not necessarily need to be familiar with it. This sexual grooming plot device enforces and rewards the protagonist for complying with unwanted physical touching of the genitals in order to win a dog show. The message sent to child viewers is that sometimes in order to win, you must put up with uncomfortable sexual contact. This is never the message to send to children and should not be in a “child friendly” movie.

According to Dawn Hawkins, the CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, “In the course of the genital touching, the dog is uncomfortable and wants it to stop but is told to go to a ‘happy place’ because submitting to genital touching is an essential element of winning the dog show,” Hawkins continued. “Later, in a climactic moment at the dog show, the dog submits to genital touching and is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the competition. This achievement is celebrated to the tune of “Sexy and I Know It.”

Sexual grooming is not an acceptable plot device for a children’s movie. Parents be warned. Read full article: