Our HPF Ambassadors

Our HPF Ambassadors throughout the world!

Each orange heart on this map will go to represent each HPF Ambassador that has been selected by our Board of Directors as an exceptional representative of HPF’s mission – to raise awareness and prevent interpersonal violence.

If YOU have not requested for your spot to be a HPF Ambassador, there is not better time than NOW. If interested, please request more information and an application today by visiting this link: http://humanitypreservationfoundation.org/hpf-ambassador-program/

Otherwise, please feel inspired by the stories that can unfold by becoming an HPF Ambassador.


Michael T. Ruch

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Michael T. Ruch is a headstrong force in the front of our HPF Ambassador team. Day to day, he hones in on his culinary prowess, running his business http://fitfoodmke.com/ wherein delicious, healthy meals are prepared and delivered to people living a busy lifestyle, finding food prepared by Chef Ruch a more enjoyable way of dining. Chef Ruch was pledged 2 pennies for every dollar his business earns to the cause HPF, helping continue the mission to prevent interpersonal violence everywhere. In his spare time, he works as a board member of another organization called “The Gathering,” in efforts to help those who come to their human development center. Chef Ruch is a great example of what it means to be an HPF Ambassador. He makes great strides forward in his life to see others also live a more quality life.