Here’s To Real Superheroes: Cycle-breaking Parents

In this heartwarming letter dedicated to parents, the author celebrates her father and other “cycle-breakers” who work hard to give their children a better upbringing then they had:

”at some point, my dad stepped into a phone booth and vowed to be more than the sum of his upbringing. He took on the monsters that followed him and declared war on the dysfunctional demons he carried. He chose to give his children the childhood he didn’t have.”

She compares her father to Superman, and justifies this comparison by explaining that emotional scars can be just as devastating and debilitating as any super villain. It takes real strength to fight our inner demons, especially if our own upbringing was riddled with pain and abuse. It takes a real hero, a cycle-breaker, to have the strength and courage to keep fighting those inner demons to protect the ones we love, including ourselves.

”It takes superhuman strength and stamina to fight the good fight every day, to drown out the dysfunctional dialogue in your head, to overcome anger and abuse. Cycle-breaking parents face a megalopolis of tall buildings, and those single bounds have got to be exhausting.”

”So wear that cape proudly, cycle breakers. Don’t be afraid to give your kids clues to your “secret” identity. You don’t have to tell them everything, but offer them a sense of what you go through in order to shield them from the darkness. I am so grateful to my dad for tackling those demons for me. Your kids will thank you, too.”

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