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We at the Humanity Preservation Foundation (HPF) are dedicated and committed to the prevention and education of Child Abuse (physical/sexual) Domestic Violence, and Bullying so that those that have been victimized can heal and those that have not can be protected. HPF Picture The human race is our greatest natural resource (and has been for centuries) yet, how much value do we actually place on humanity? It is a tough question with a wide spectrum of inhumanity that we all face every single day. We view inhumanity as acts that are cast upon persons, by other people. It ranges from acts of abuse, both physical and sexual, bullying, discrimination, and has no boundaries when it comes to sex, race, age, or economic status. In its simplest form, an act of humanity can be determined when an individual has a choice between hurting another person or refraining from such an act for the betterment of mankind. HPF is a newly formed not for profit organization focused on a common effort of preserving humanity. Its strength comes from the individuals working within the foundation and most especially with its partners, sponsors, and donors. It is with this mindset that HPF will serve as a navigator to individuals that are in need of assistance. In a vast world of resources, HPF will be there to provide guidance to a resource that is best suited to an individual that is in crisis. That person can then focus on their healing rather than expelling energy just trying to find the best possible solution, a taxing task similar to finding a needle in haystack. HPF is also in support of efforts that relate to the education on how to prevent inhumanity from happening. This effort captures audiences that range from school age to retirement age and greatly focuses on the education of children. Every person comes into the world with the right to living in a humane society. When that right has been stripped away, it then becomes necessary to make an attempt to restore it and the Humanity Preservation Foundation will be there to contribute to the effort. These groups will be housed and supported under one roof, the HPF Resource Center. The HPF Resource Center will be an ever-evolving tool, starting as the website and eventually growing into a physical location. We will also initiate our HPF Scorecard which will be divided into two categories; Organizations/Institutions and Entertainment/Gaming it has been establish to provide a rating system that allows the general public to gauge the efforts and measures of these two critical areas that touch the lives of children, families and loved ones every day. We will implement the basic proposition; keep it simple, consistent, and current utilizing the backgrounds and skill sets of its members to provide the most effective methods of marketing to raise funds through promotions and grants. Then utilize said funding to provide premium advocacy efforts in the most comprehensive forums via in-person and social media platforms.


The HPF Team


Rhett Hackett is a male survivor of child sexual abuse from age 12-17. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show – “200 Men Episode”, and has been featured on radio, television, and newspapers.  He has worked with the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, Male Survivor.org and corporate initiatives to promote awareness on the topic of child sexual abuse, healing and prevention education. In addition to mentoring children, he has also presented and reaches out to adult victims of child sexual abuse to promote healing along with providing testimony to change laws in the State of New Jersey and has spent countless hours supporting victims and their families. Most recently he won the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance “Above and Beyond Award” and lectured at University of Penn to 1st year medical students.

Charles “Bud” Custer, Jr. came on as a co-founder and Executive Director of HPF with a passion to help a greater cause.  He has a Master’s in Business Administration from Philadelphia University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.   With over five years of experience in the field of Marketing, he has worked with two of the top ten brands in the world, assisting on numerous campaigns and event-planning activities for both.  His passion for mentoring youth came while working with the Philadelphia Kixx at their Summer Soccer Kamps for over five years, training 1,000’s of kids.  Buddy grew up in Cinnaminson, NJ and currently resides in the Philadelphia Area.  You can find him in his spare time in a couple of the local adult sports leagues, either playing or officiating, or on the beach in Wildwood, NJ reading a good book.

The HPF Volunteers


Bob Gosser is a resident of Glassboro, NJ and achieved his bachelor’s degree and is currently employed with Rutgers as their Human Resource Manager. Bob has previously had experience in the hospitality and medical fields as well as serving as a board member for a previous non-profit. Bob was one of the first volunteers to HPF and seeks to help out wherever he is able to make a difference and help others.

Lydia Busada is a resident of Pittsburgh PA and a graduate of Temple University. She is currently employed as a Videographer/Video Editor and in her free time she likes to sing! She joined HPF so that she could offer her skills and talents on order to help and positively affect others.


Lamar Riddick is a resident of Deptford, NJ and a graduate of Rowan at GCC. He is a master in music production, voiceover and broadcasting. He joined HPF because he enjoys helping people and wanted to give back to his community and can do so with his skills for a worthy organization. In his free time he likes to write, record, and listen to music and watch football.


Michael Wroblewski is a resident of Havertown,PA and a graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Graphic Design. He currently serves as a board of director for the Lawrence Park Swim Club and previously volunteered for Lynnewood Park Civil Association. He joined HPF to help spread the word and help those who need the resources provided.

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Jonathan Martin is a resident of Cinnaminson, NJ He currently has his bachelors degree and is presently employed as an associate at the UPS Store. He comes to HPF with skill and talent in video editing, graphic design, sound editing and 3D. He joined HPF because he wanted to be part of something that aimed to help everyone not just specialized groups.


Steven Sailor is a resident of Sewell, NJ. He graduated Rowan University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He is currently employed as an Official with USA Hockey. He also served as Treasurer for SAM and joined HPF because of his willingness to want to give back to others.

Nicholas Conte is a resident of South Jersey. He is a graduate of Rowan University with a masters in business administration and previously worked for the department of the Navy and he joined HPF to build upon previous volunteer work and seeking meaningful efforts.

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Diana Hansen is a resident of Turnersville, NJ and is employed by Conant Leadership as an Executive Administrator/Personal Assistant. She previously worked for Campbell’s Soup, The American Law Institute and GE Capitol Mortgage Services. She has an eye for detail and savvy in the creation of presentations and newsletters and joined HPF simply in support of our mission.

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Deirdre Hughson is a resident of Turnersville, NJ. She attended grad school achieving her MSW. She has worked for NPO, Welfare to work, and in the nursing/healthcare industry. She has volunteered for Phi Sigma Sigma as a Parent/Alum Relation Historian. She joined HPF to gain additional skills and to contribute to the organization with her previously acquired skills to help others.


Mallory Hansen is a resident of Turnersville, NJ and currently attends West Virginia University as a rising senior majoring in Women and Gender Studies with an anticipated graduation date of May,2017.Mallory has served as a volunteer for the Rosenberg Foundation, Camden County Animal Shelter and she has many likes and interests and clubs that she belongs to. She recently received an HPF ‘Firsty Award” for her social media efforts in coordination with a media campaign reaching 2000+ views.


Derek Alfinito is a resident of Sewell, NJ. He is currently attending Rowan University where he is majoring in Marketing. Derek has an extensive background in managing and producing large events as he served as the gymnastics manager at Louisiana State University. In his free time he is an avid tennis player. He joined HPF so that he could apply his background with events and sponsorships in a way that would help children.

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Ted Munz is a resident of Blackwood, NJ with a bachelors in education and is also a personal trainer. In addition to his education skills he also has a background in marketing and business administration. His involvement is summed up by one sentence – Young people need to know help is out there – for any issue!

unitedorangehearts_wisconsinOur HPF Ambassadors Across the Country!

Each orange heart on this map will go to represent each HPF Ambassador that has been selected by our Board of Directors as an exceptional representative of HPF’s mission – to raise awareness and prevent interpersonal violence. 

If YOU have not requested for your spot to be a HPF Ambassador, there is not better time than NOW. If interested, please request more information and an application today by visiting this link: http://humanitypreservationfoundation.org/hpf-ambassador-program/


Otherwise, please feel inspired by the stories that can unfold by becoming an HPF Ambassador.

screenshot-2016-10-06-14-51-01Meet Michael T. Ruch 

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mr. Michael T. Ruch is a headstrong force in the front of our HPF Ambassador team. Day to day, he hones in on his culinary prowess, running his business http://fitfoodmke.com/ wherein delicious, healthy meals are prepared and delivered to people living a busy lifestyle, finding food prepared by Chef Ruch a more enjoyable way of dining. Chef Ruch was pledged 2 pennies for every dollar his business earns to the cause HPF, helping continue the mission to prevent interpersonal violence everywhere. In his spare time, he works as a board member of another organization called “The Gathering,” in efforts to help those who come to their human development center. Chef Ruch is a great example of what it means to be an HPF Ambassador. He makes great strides forward in his life to see others also live a more quality life. 

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