‘Raising Awareness, Educating Others & Supporting Victim Recovery from Abuse” 

Our Mission Statement

We at the Humanity Preservation Foundation (HPF) are dedicated and committed to the prevention and education of Child Abuse (physical/sexual) Domestic Violence, and Bullying so that those that have been victimized can heal and those that have not can be protected.

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The HPF Pulse Project

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The HPF Pulse project was created to provide victims, heroes, caregivers and volunteers a directory for finding services in all 50 states. Pulse is there to let you know who is out there and willing to help with a form of violence that you may have experienced. Click on a category below, whether it be Child Abuse, Domestic Violence or Bullying and then find the resource available in every single state. If you wish to have your organization listed, please contact us via the HPF contact page.